FUNdraising! 180+ Great Ideas to Raise More Money

When you look at FUNdraising the way you do - it really makes things seem doable... 'and not just about asking for money'.

Kelly, Ridgewater College Foundation

This book stimulated my wilted excitement for fundraising for several athletic organizations.  Each chapter contains ideas within ideas!  I'd overlooked some basic fundamentals that I was grateful to learn and am eager to put into action.

Jennifer, Volunteer school team fundraiser

As someone (who) would rather walk over hot coals before asking for $, I was amazed.  I actually feel fired up at fundraising.

Heather, Junior League of Champaign-Urbana

This book is great... lots of material, but vey concise. I personally would use it as a bible and a how-to book.

Jane, nonprofit board chair



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Even in good times, nonprofit organizations need good governance, board development and fundraising. And when things are challenging, as they are now, it becomes even more important.

My career in the nonprofit sector has given me firsthand experience in nonprofit management and administration, strategic planning, volunteer recruitment and retention, marketing, public relations, board management, and fundraising. I have served in staff and volunteer leadership roles in local, regional and national nonprofits.

You Get What You Accept and What You Reward

These are important words of wisdom. It's an easy way to remember the best practices for maintaining the best Board: demand exceptional performance and then reward that performance when you get it. Your mission is too important to accept less than the best.


Finally! A Book That Clarifies Board and Staff Roles

Define the roles of Boards & Staff in Governance, Finance, Planning, Human Resources, Resource Development and more, including sample forms and useful exercises.

Marketing is the Foundation to Success

What's Marketing Got to Do With It? Everything!

No More Begging

Eureka! You are in charge. You have something your donor wants.

People Want to Back a Winner

Don't seem desperate (even if you are); instead, be confident.

Fast Fundraising Facts for Fame and Fortune

Here is a handbook that every senior fundraiser responsible for Board Recruitment and Development should read once and then review annually.

Association of Fundraising Professionals


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A = Acquisition                         

Get Ready for Board Members, Create a Nominating Committee and a Recruitment Packet, Where to Find New Board Members…

B = Build and Manage

Orientation, Operations, Committees, Planning, Fiduciary Facts, Financial Reporting, Fundraising, Parliamentary Procedure, Obligations…

C = Celebrating

Make Thanking and Recognizing Excellence a Priority!


"No" Won't Make You Shrivel and Die!

Learn how "No" can be the beginning of a long and fruitful conversation.


Keys to Sucess - Fast FUNdraising Facts for Fame and Fortune

A fun little book that shares Jean's 10 Rules for FUNdraising success including:

The You:Me Ratio

Watch what happens when you focus on your donor!

Keys to Sucess - The Invisible Yellow Line tm

Manage the Board to Get the Most of Your Volunteers

Orientation, strategic planning, effective committees, efficient meetings, accountability, roles of volunteers and staff are all critical to achieve the successful board of directors.

Focus on Governance and Fiduciary Responsibilities

More and more important as donors, funders and the federal government scrutinize the governance policies of your board's management, including conflict of interest.

Annual Commitment Letters Ensure Active Volunteers

A great tool for keeping active volunteers and dealing with absentee board members.

Job Descriptions Clarify Roles and Responsibilities

Yes, board members should have job descriptions too. Give them something to help them know what you expect of their Time, Talent and Treasure.

Effective Recruitment Gets the Right People on Board

Build a year round nominating committee that recruits people with the skills you need to meet your mission. Build a skills matrix and provide a packet of pertinent information.

Board and Staff Roles

Board and Staff roles in governance, finance, human resources, planning, fundraising and more.

I use The Invisible Yellow Line in my orientation for all our new board members! It has been our "bible" when there is a question about board or staff responsibilities. This is a MUST HAVE if you run a not for profit business!

Francea Phillips

President, Meals on Wheels of Boulder


As a long-time non-profit board member and officer, I would be lost without The Invisible Yellow Line. It is an excellent and informative guide which addresses in a straightforward, positive and results-oriented manner the responsibilities and limitations of non-profit boards and board members and board-staff dynamics, which can be quite challenging in practice for both staff and board members. I have relied on this guide for organizations large and small and found it to be indispensable.

This is an invaluable tool for both the board members and staff members of virtually any non-profit. The lines of authority and responsibility can easily become blurred in non-profit organizations and Jean Block's years of experience have given her a clarity of insight, which she shares in this extremely valuable resource. Every non-profit needs a copy in its office and every Board president should own a copy and share it with her/his Executive Committee at a minimum.



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The Invisible Yellow Line

Keys to Sucess - The ABCs of Building Better Boards tm

This handy little book shares the basic best Board Management practices from recruitment to retention. You Get What You Accept and What You Reward!

The ABCs of Building Better Boards book

Jean’s vast experience in a variety of roles in the nonprofit world provides a depth of understanding that is uncommon.  Jean Brings ‘real life’ understanding of the nature of nonprofit agencies and the roles of both volunteers and staff.

This fun little book was written as a road map for successful Board recruitment and management, and is as relevant today as it was when it was written. It has stood the test of time. Set aside a short few hours to digest this book and get your Board development, recruitment and management on the right track!

Block builds superb blocks, setting them out before us, never falters in her mission. She is a writer with the fully realized gift of orginizational development.

The Book Reader


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Assume a Yes

Then nod and smile. Attitude is everything.

Keys to Sucess - 180+ Great Ideas to Raise More Money

Need some new ideas to spiff up your same old/same old fundraising?  Want to get your Board involved?  This easy and practical manual will share tried and true ways to enhance your FUNdraising.

Great Ideas

Annual Campaigns, Special Events, Involving Corporate Sponsors, Earned Income, Getting Your Board Involved, and more…

Wrapping It Up

Jean's Ten Rules for FUNdraising Success, Commitments, Test Your FUNdraising IQ, Resources…


Where Are You Now?

Let's start at the beginning:  What’s Working? What’s Not?

Oversight and Administration, Donor Relations, Evaluation…